Recycled Teenagers Forum Group

Formal Documents 


1. Constitution

A constitution is a formal document, adopted by most Forums or groups, which states the aims and objectives of the Group and how it will run. 

Many informal groups can work well without a constitution, but if groups want to be more formal or want to apply for grants and funding, then a constitution is necessary.  Groups who wish to apply for lottery funding or other types of grant funding need to show in their constitution that they are set up for ‘charitable, benevolent or philanthropic purposes’.  This does not mean they need to be registered as a charity.


CLICK HERE for a full copy of the Groups Constitution




2. Equalities and Diversity:


  1. To ensure equal access to services for the community
  2. The Group will actively promote equality of opportunity and seek to celebrate diversity in delivery of their activities and consultation with the community.
  3. To promote accessibility to the groups activities.
  4. All members should actively seek to represent the various needs of the area and must not discriminate on the grounds of:

Age, disability, colour, ethnic origin, national origin, race, religion, gender, sexuality, gender re-alignment, martial status, faith, caring- responsibilities for dependants, Trade Union membership and unrelated criminal convictions

  1. To treat each member of the group as an individual
  2. To introduce, promote and participate in initiatives, which promote equal opportunities and diversity.
  3. The group shall be free from physical and verbal abuse, bullying and harassment.


3. Annual General Meeting:


Once a year, in April, the Committee shall convene such a meeting which all residents of the Recycled Teenager Forum may attend.   


Please CLICK HERE for a full set of the minutes from the meeting in May 2010 


Please CLICK HERE for a full set of the minutes from the last meeting in May 2011


Please CLICK HERE for a full set of the minutes from the last meeting held 27 April 2012


Please CLICK HERE for a full set of the minutes from the last meeting held 10 May 2013 and CLICK HERE for the Treasurer's report 


Please CLICK HERE for the Treasurer's report from the last meeting held 25 April 2014.  CLICK HERE for the Minutes


Please   CLICK HERE for the 2014/15 summary from the AGM held 22 May 2015

Please CLICK HERE for the 2015/16 minutes from the AGM held on 6 May 2016

Please CLICK HERE for the 2016/17 minutes from the AGM held on 5 May 2017




4. Minutes:


Minute books shall be kept in respect of the Committee Meetings, General Meetings, and Annual General Meetings of the committee and the Secretary shall enter therein a record of all proceedings and resolutions. From 2014, minutes are kept electronically and posted on this site.

From 2016 only AGM minutes will be posted here, however general meeting minutes are available on request by phoning 01702 616619 or by email to

CLICK HERE for Minutes from 23.1.2015

CLICK HERE for Minutes from 22.5.2015 



5. Code of Conduct:

All members shall agree to abide by the group’s code of conduct and failure to do so will result in the member being asked to resign.   


CLICK HERE for a full version of the groups Code of Conduct.




6. Membership Form


CLICK HERE for our latest version of our membership form
















From left to right:


Derrick Brook Chair,

Barbara Barfoot Vice Chair

Sarah Anderson Treasurer

Margaret Cooper Secretary,

Soo Coleman Social Secretary

Val Stevens Membership Secretary

John Cooper General Member

Ian Coleman General Member