Saturday 12 October 2019

First pick up starts at 8.25am

Departing for home approx. 4.30pm


We shall be going to the Museum of London (not to be confused with the other museums in Kensington) for our last trip of the year. 


Learn about the history of London from before it began until today. Learn about Roman London, Medieval London and more.


There are cafes and an eating area should you want to bring a packed lunch or you may want to visit nearby Postmans' Park, home of the Watts Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice built in 1900 by George Frederick Watts. There is a shady garden with a pathway weaving through the garden from east to west with benches and seasonal bedding displays.


If you have time to spare, the City of London Police Museum will be open on 12 October. It takes visitors on a unique journey including the last hours of Catherine Eddowes, one of Jack the Ripper's victims.


Remember to bring comfy shoes .


Ticket price for members (coach only) £19 per member

Ticket price for guests (coach only) £22.00 per member



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